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JUNE 23rd TO 27th, 2015
FITECMA is the industry’s business event par excellence, for visitors’ quantity and quality as well as for contacts obtained and business achieved.

In the same way as at the world’s most important industry fairs, the visitor takes a leading role, in order to which multiple actions and activities are implemented to put at his reach the most varied and advanced solutions, products, supplies and technologies for his company or profession, through an understandable and comparable offer.


An opportunity for industry companies to incorporate the latest technology
FITECMA 2015 will become once again a unique and not to be missed opportunity in order that businessmen, professionals, constructors, carpenters, technicians, designers, researchers and government officials may accede to the latest technology being presented at international wood-furniture value chain fairs. 

Product diversification at Argentina’s only wood thematic fair
The number of companies having already bought their stands and the diversity of branches they cover are confirming FITECMA’s summoning power. And, at the same time, they are ensuring that the next edition, to be held from June 23rd to 27th, 2015, at Centro Costa Salguero, Buenos Aires city, will present to visitors a wide range in technological innovation applied in machinery and supplies, which will enable them to count on concrete possibilities to grow in production efficience and flexibility, cut costs and gain competitiveness.


Fair Plan
Know in detail FITECMA 2015 updated planimetry. Stands, locations and services. 
Accede to the full listing of exhibitors who will participate at FITECMA 2015 edition.
FITECMA has certified its
su "Quality Management
System" under
IRAM-ISO 9001-2008
Organized by:
Woodworking Machinery,
Equipment and Tool Manufacturers
and Representatives Association
of Argentina.
Bernardo de Irigoyen 972 - P 3B
(C1072AAT) Buenos Aires - Argentina
Tel./Fax: (+54-11) 5235-0011