Growing interest of local and foreign companies to participate in FITECMA

The active participation that FITECMA has maintained in foreign fairs, through the presentation of a stand and with a pre-agreed agenda of meetings with the main world players in the production of machinery and supplies for the wood and furniture industry, such as also with the Argentine embassies and consulates of the different countries that were attended, allowed to position FITECMA as one of the fairs that offers the best advantages when looking to make business or start business in Argentina.

And the region is not immune to this trend. ForMóbile - International Trade Fair of Madeira e Móveis Suppliers, which took place from July 10 to 13 in Sao Paulo (Brazil), allowed to close agreements with several Brazilian companies that have already secured a stand at FITECMA 2019. And According to members of the Organizing Committee, there are advanced negotiations with companies from Turkey that want to present themselves especially as a delegation. It should be noted in this regard, that since three editions, companies from Turkey have already taken part in the fair.

It is also important to highlight that FITECMA 2019 "was confirmed as the only fair in the region in the global calendar of events of EUMABOIS, the entity that brings together European associations of technology manufacturers. This figuration implies a recommendation for companies in these countries to take FITECMA as a valid reference for the national and regional market, "said Frund.

"In each of the fairs that we visit abroad we have the same perception. The interest extends practically to all the headings of the industry of the wood and the piece of furniture, but mainly in consumptions ", assured Osvaldo Frund, member of the Organizing Committee. And he commented that historically foreign companies define their participation in the last section of sale of the fair.

In the local order, specific actions are being carried out at different points in the interior. "We are holding meetings with the main referents of forestry industry and manufacturers and suppliers of forestry machinery so they can participate in the next edition," said Osvaldo Kovalchuck - President of ASORA and member of the Organizing Committee. In relation to this - he clarified - "we were in Misiones with the authorities of APICOFOM so that they can present in FITECMA the wooden social housing that they want to incorporate into the construction plans that the National Government has for that purpose, and that for a Specially signed agreement with the Ministry of the Interior, 10% of the total housing that is built in the country must be in wood ". Kovalchuk pointed out that it would be relevant to present it in Buenos Aires since it is the largest market in the country and also acts as a "sounding board" at the political level.

In the same way, the president said that the necessary contacts are being made so that the main provinces with forestry and wood and furniture production can also present themselves with institutional stands where they can present to the companies of their provinces that want to win markets.





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