In the wood, woodworking and furniture industry, the subject “integrated production – customized solutions” appeared barely four or five years ago, as of the emergence of the use of Industry 4.0 technologies. This brought about the arrival at the market of a range of smart technologies taking advantage of global data integration within the company to optimize results.

Across the world, companies related to woodworking processes are in a continuous search to meet new market demands with the use of very diverse materials and customized products. And in order to do so in a competitive way they resort increasingly to automation and digitalization.

As a part of the fair positioning strategy, FITECMA Organizing Committee has already activated a wide program of promotion and communication at the national and international level.

To meet that market requirement, a schedule was implemented of presentations with an own stand at the main technology fairs for the wood and furniture industry.

FITECMA will participate with a stand of its own as a part of communication and promotion actions for the fair next edition, to be held from July 2nd to 6th, 2019, at Centro Costa Salguero, in Buenos Aires City. 

Information will be supplied and the enquiries of IWF visitors getting close to the stand will be dealt with.





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