From March 26 to 29, FITECMA will be present at FIMMA 2019 - International Fair of Machines, Raw Materials and Accessories for the Furniture Industry, to be held in the city of Bento Goncalvez (Brazil).

At the Pavilion A; Estand 28; Street 02, executives of ASORA, the organizing entity of FITECMA (July 2-6, 2019, Costa Salguero Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina), will hold meetings with companies interested in the Argentine market. Likewise, a series of interviews with representatives of Brazilian Chambers and Associations were scheduled.

This action is part of the positioning strategy of FITECMA, which has been developed through an important promotion and communication program at a national and international level.

To respond to this demand of the market, a schedule of presences with its own stand was set up in the main technology fairs for the wood and furniture industry.

In this sense, Jorge Göttert - member of the Organizing Committee - explained that diffusion actions are being carried out and making contact with companies and associations that are referents in the world. In that line during 2018, the presentations were extended to five fairs abroad. The first one was in March at M & M (Colombia); it was followed in May by Xylexpo (Milan, Italy); in July it was ForMobile (San Pablo, Brazil); in August the IWF (Atlanta, USA); and the last one in October SICAM (Pordenone, Italy).

The active participation that FITECMA has maintained in foreign fairs, through the presentation of a stand and with a pre-agreed agenda of meetings with the main world players in the production of machinery and supplies for the wood and furniture industry, such as also with the Argentine embassies and consulates of the different countries that were attended, allowed to position FITECMA as one of the fairs that offers the best advantages when looking to make business or start business in Argentina.

For visitors from the interior of the country, the organizers envisaged a free transport network integrated by strategically located concentration centers.

The Organizing Committee of FITECMA recommends to representatives of chambers and associations throughout the country, who are interested in providing this service to their associates and manufacturers of furniture and carpenters in the area, to contact the Organizing Committee for the purpose of coordinating all the details of the trip.





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